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Are you living each moment with happiness, contentment, and fulfillment? If not, have you ever asked yourself - Why? You see, within you resides the ability to change your life from anxiety to achievement, from unbearable to undefeated.



This book will show you how to achieve any goal, realize any dream, and attain every wish. By adhering to God's word, by listening for His voice and by accepting His guidance and direction you will bring to pass the life that He has planned for you.

Man suffers by his own choice. Not out of hoping to do so, but out of ignorance of not knowing otherwise.

Best-selling author Guy W. Gane, Jr. has now written a book truly for the ages. Not since 'Think and Grow Rich' has a book had the capability to change a persons' destiny in such a profound way.

Throughout the Bible lies the blueprint for a life of happiness, peace and love. Gane has constructed a manuscript that allows scripture to attest to just that.

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Guy W. Gane, Jr.  - Bio

With an income of nearly a half million dollars per year, life becomes very enjoyable. Beautiful homes, expensive cars, enjoyable vacations, public recognition, and the promise of goals assured to achieve.

Suddenly one spring day this idyllic life became a thing of the past. Within 8 hours - one working day - Guy ‘s 30 - plus year reputation of goodness, honesty and integrity as a stockbroker were not called into question. They disappeared completely. It is said that it is better to never have had money than have it all be taken away. This is a man who has lived through both.

With a life long past luxury - Guy, despite vehemently protesting his innocence as well as passing two polygraph tests - accepted a plea deal and eventually entered prison for a 13-year stay. During that time, he was determined to take control of a life that had become a mess – mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially – and transformed it into an unstoppable human being.

Guy, now imparts the knowledge he has gained through a lifetime of happiness and hardship and demonstrates what can be accomplished through a dedication to discipline, foundational  principles, and faith. His is a testimony of living a life - not only of belief, but in knowing - that whatever a person chooses to do with their life can, through God’s guidance, be accomplished.

As an author, Guy had shared his powerful story in his book Unchained and Unbroken: Life Lessons and Strength Training From a Jailhouse Gymrat, published in 2021. Guy now presents Chrysalis: Awakening to God’s Path, Protection and Power in Your Life, an inspirational rationale that achievement is a Divine right granted to each of us, proving that with God all things are possible. Guy is an example of what never giving up looks like. His commitment is to take years off of someone’s learning curve - be it a CEO, Entrepreneur, Sales Executive or Student – by imparting wisdom not borne by research or hearsay but by experience. Living a complete life, he is truly the guy who has ‘been there, done that’.

By example, Guy is now able to reveal the methods in which to redirect one’s life. He shares with his audience the components that help them overcome challenges, seen and unseen, big and small, with the one thing that each of them has complete control of – their mind. In the end, we are not defined by how much we accomplish or how we succeed, we are defined by how we handle our failures. Guy can now make clear how the largest obstacles in our life can become our greatest opportunities.

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