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Meet Guy W. Gane, Jr.

A master coach, a sought-after speaker and published author, Guy has experienced unbelievable success in his career as a stockbroker as well as living through the depths of abject failure.
One of Guy’s trademarks is his remarkable habit of never giving up. Quitting is just not part of this man’s character nor personality. Therefore, perhaps, it’s no surprise that among the historical figures he most admires is Winston Churchill, another man who didn’t accept the idea of giving up.

Beginning his 30+ year career in finances at the age of 20, he eventually owned his own brokerage firm and within a few years began opening multiple offices throughout the east coast of the United States. Life as we know, has many challenges and Guy met his greatest challenge by hitting rock bottom in October 2011. Instead of promoting motivation borne from research as many do, Guy has actually experienced what it takes to build a career, a life and a calling. More importantly perhaps, he also knows what it takes to rebuild a life once it derailed, and that from the ground up.

With a deep and sincere calling to help others, he shares his story, his knowledge and his experiences in order to not only help others avoid mess-ups and missteps, but to also guide them in accomplishing what most consider impossible. Guy offers the wisdom necessary to overcome any adversity, achieve any desire and attain any goal.

Guy’s greatest setback became his defining moment. To that end he also created the mentorship program he named Prisoncology  where his story can now be told. This organization not only helps society’s castaways and their families but has partnered with the Christian community nationally, bringing his message across the United States. 

Guy can be found working on a variety of projects with the ultimate goal of encouraging others through example. Always keeping the focus on the ability that each individual carries within themselves to make a positive impact on others, his LLC, Gane Wisdom, is based on the concept of creating a life balance of self-development and spiritual growth