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Life is your biggest challenge. Are you ready to win?
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Why Performance Coaching?

Life's Complexity Demands Experience

Navigating life is more complex than any sport. It's a demanding, continuous game requiring unwavering focus and dedication. Effective coaching comes from the trenches. You deserve a coach who's "been there, done that."

Unlocking Your Hidden Potential

Many coaches rely solely on theory. My approach is built on real-world experience, not research. I have a unique talent for uncovering your potential, even when you can't see it yet.

Building a Foundation for Success

Together, we work to create a mindset of resilience and power, where achieving anything becomes possible.

Are you ready?

You have the potential

You have the potential, desire, and dedication to become the best version of yourself.


Together, we'll unlock your dreams, goals, and the ability to achieve them all.

One-on-One Focus

I provide personalized coaching dedicated solely to you. Commitment is key - life can't get in the way of your goals. However, I emphasize the importance of family and downtime for peak performance.
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Performance  Coach

Coaching can only be done, effectively done, by someone who has experienced every facet of the game.
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Navigating life is more challenging than navigating a football field, a baseball diamond, a basketball court or a hockey rink. It is much more than a maximum performance for sixty-minutes. Life is a one thousand four-hundred-and-forty-minute contest day in and day out that demands focus and dedication.

Coaching is a calling. It is a sacred trust wherein you must impart the very best methods, borne by experience, to the player or to the student. As someone would only want the
surgeon with years of experience operating on them, or the pilot who has flown for many years to teach them how to fly, you must be certain that the coach you are entrusting your most cherished goals to is someone who has ‘been there, done that.’

Having experienced tremendous success in business and having the experience of a serious reversal I am well qualified to pass on the life lessons and knowledge that shaped one and caused the other.
It is my belief that I am exceptionally gifted at discovering where the clients that I work with are the most capable and with the greatest potential. It is what I focus on – even when they don’t yet see that within themselves. It is my responsibility to help my client to construct a foundation of fortitude and power where knowing all things are possible.
My coaching involves working one-on-one with my client and due to that dedication, I can only work with a client who is ‘all in.’ They cannot allow life to get in the way of their dreams, their hopes and their goals. I also impart the significance of devoting time to their family and to the ‘down-time’ that is essential for achieving peak performance.

Today there are many advisors, mentors and coaches to choose from. However, sadly, many have learned their profession through research. You know by now that my
coaching is based on hard-learned experience.

If we work together, it is because I have the full confidence that you have the ‘right stuff’ as well as the desire, persistence, enthusiasm and dedication to becoming – and
remaining – the very best that you can be. The dreams that you want to realize. The goals that you want to bring about, and the ability to achieve each and every one of them all lie within you to obtain. Now, let’s get
Guy Gane - performance coach

Are You Ready To Unleash The Greatness Within?

Feeling stuck and unfulfilled? You have the power to achieve your dreams, but sometimes a little guidance makes all the difference.

Schedule a Consultation and discover how this coaching program can help you:
Doing nothing - The easiest path for most wannabes is to wish, hope and - give up. If that’s you, I can’t  help. If, however, you’re tired of never quite achieving what it is you really want, talk to me now.
Become all that God wants in your life - Whether you accept it or not, God has a phenomenal life in store for you - regardless of your age. He allows us to choose the life we want. What do you choose? Talk to me now.
If not now – when? Too many times the individual that knows that the music is still in them just can’t afford a big upfront commitment. If you’re ready – truly ready – to grasp life by the collar, talk to me now.
Accepting your Destiny – How many times have you looked back at your life and wished you had taken advantage  of an opportunity - but didn’t? I limit myself to the number of people I work with to twelve  clients a year. That’s it. Before our time ends – and you’ve put in the effort - you will have achieved beyond what you previously thought possible. Let’s talk now………….
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