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A speaker should be able to arouse his audience with inspiration, passion and belief. They should be able to speak from the heart and speak from experience as well. A speaker should motivate those in attendance with examples of what is required to become the very best they can be. This can be accomplished only through personal example. Examples of what it takes to rise up, despite the circumstances, and can only be provided by someone who truly has been there and done that.

Guy’s ability to touch the spirit of those who hear his messages comes from personal experience not solely based on research. His message is one of overcoming obstacles and adversity in life through strength of character and a spirit of resiliency. His message also is about building on a solid foundation of values as well as using present success as a propellent for still greater achievements.
Guy knows that the culture of the group is of paramount importance in constructing a message and because of this will spend time prior to his presentation with the leadership to discover the most serious issues and goals of the organization and include them as part of the address. He is happy to take questions at the conclusion of the presentation.