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Every business starts with a spark – an idea you believe can change the world. But the journey from dream to reality can be daunting. You face the challenges of building a strong team, scaling your operations, and navigating complex markets. You need a clear vision, a strategic plan, and the expertise to overcome obstacles.
Guy isn't just another consultant. He's a seasoned entrepreneur who built a successful RIA firm from the ground up. He understands the challenges you face because he's been there himself. Guy will help you:

Solidify Your Foundation

Build a strong, adaptable business that can weather any storm.

Navigate Growth

Scale your operations and expand your reach with a strategic roadmap.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Learn from Guy's experience and avoid common pitfalls that can derail your success.

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Every company begins with a dream, a vision, an expectation and a desire. A company that will set the world on fire.
The challenges with each company - large or small, start-up or established –generally are related to employees, expansion, marketing, branding or day-to-day operations.
Knowing how to effectively deal with the minutia of operating a business is an often-overlooked responsibility of most business owners. A company with a board of directors who are in unison of the firm’s goals begets a objectives, however the clarity of the goal begins from the top-level of the company, whether large or small.

Guy has a successful record of creating - or reestablishing – a realistic focus and implementation of a plan,for the business. His method is to assure that the company has firm foundational strength, able to withstand various transitions and transformations that every company faces at one time or another.

Guy built one of the nation’s premier Registered Investment Advisory firms with dozens of employees in the company’s four offices. However, it is not only knowing how to organize and start a company, but more importantly what not to do when running one! For that, Guy is completely qualified to address as well!

Additionally, liability issues, regulatory matters and the design of comprehensive short-term and long-term plans for the company’s future must be among the highest priorities of a successful start-up or established business.

To learn how Guy’s experience and sagacity can help your organization achieve their unique vision you can email him at for a confidential discussion.
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