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Interview with Guy Gane

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Challenges and resiliency shaped who i am

As a stockbroker for many years, I know how challenging – as well as rewarding – sales can be. My path now is to help those who not only want to take their career to a much higher level, but also those professionals who need a fresh approach in their marketing.

My own story is one of resiliency. It is not only a story about success but about overcoming adversity as well. Through conversations and connections with others who have also met and overcome challenges in their career, I can speak with a degree of confidence in how someone picks themselves up, dusts themselves off, and continues running the race wiser and stronger. I’ve spoken with over 40 men and women who at one point or another felt overwhelmed and all alone, not knowing where the next step should be taken. Many of them have learned the value of overcoming temporary defeat. The Romans put it best: “A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, a fool by his own.”

To the outside world, these individuals radiate achievement and success. Like any professional, much time is devoted toward working at being the best. When you’re at the top of your game you make it look easy, however, marketing–selling - is not a sometimes thing but a full-time job. The very thing that creates success Is the very thing that can too often burn a person out.

Some of the comments that I’ve heard are:

“I feel under constant pressure to outperform myself every day.”
“I am constantly prospecting. Regardless ofbeing out for an evening with my husband, I find myself ‘talking shop’ with someone. It drives him crazy.”
“I lost my enthusiasm. I used to feel unstoppable, but I can’t remember the last time I felt like that.”
“What’s wrong with me? Why does it seem so hard to make a sale lately?”

However, I've also heard:

“I feel blessed that my customers find my store so unique.”
“The feeling of accomplishing my dreams overwhelms me at times.”
“Knowing that I have affected someone’s life in a positive way gives me such fulfilment.”
“I love what I do!”

Self reflection on both mistakes and successes

Every individual who is in sales finds themselves reflecting not only on their achievements but sometimes questioning themselves about their effectiveness, methods, and attitude. Ironically this pertains to many people who are not in sales as well!

As I observed the habits of those who are highly motivated and incredibly successful on a consistent basis it became very obvious that they have ‘something’ within that differentiates them from others. Although someone may be using or selling the same products the truly effective person seems to read from a different playbook. What is that? Where do you find such a manuscript? Oh, if only it were that easy………..

I've been blessed in my career

My career in sales began at the age of twenty. At the time, I was enrolled in college with the intention of becoming a lawyer. Life, however, had another course in mind. Entering the financial field in the fall of 1974 I quickly became aware of the challenges involved in sales. I also became aware that in order to be successful in my new profession I had to be ‘not like everyone else’. I learned to keep my mouth closed and my ears and eyes opened, and although this might sound like a cute little cliché, it is paramount in becoming the best you can be in whatever profession you choose.

As I look back over my career, I see a story of someone blessed with great success. I also know what unbelievable challenges feel like after hitting rock bottom. I was forced to dig so deep inside myself as I looked for a way to recapture the success and sense of accomplishment I once knew. In this search, I discovered much more than I had planned or thought. I found that when someone has really ‘been there and done that they can not only speak from experience but should share – must share really - their wisdom gained over nearly fifty years, thereby helping to take years off of someone’s learning curve in the process. For me, it became a calling to do so.

Always striving for more efficiency

If you are still reading this, it tells me that perhaps you too are searching for, perhaps not a ‘new’ way but a much more effective way, to reach – and stay – at the very pinnacle of your profession. It also speaks to the passion you have at being the absolute best you can be in every area of your life.

I am hoping to interview a few more professionals and entrepreneurs purely for my own research which will help me build a business that I’ve been working on. This is a business totally dedicated to those who have a burning desire to be the absolute best in their field. I would be so appreciative to hear from you because I intend this undertaking to be the Gold-Standard by which other High-Performance Coaches compare themselves to. Your thoughts and input would help me to do so.

As this process continues to unfold, I’d be happy to share it with you. Lasting no more than a few minutes, this conversation will not only help construct a frame of reference for this initiative but will help me to focus on the qualifying factors most important to other professionals like yourself.

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