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Embracing Your Mistakes

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes” observed Mahatma Gandhi. Actually, I think that mistakes get a bad rap most of the time. Our society places a very high value on success however what is a success but rising above the failures and screw-ups in our lives? […]
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Abiding In The Now

The journalist Andy Rooney once observed, “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” Let’s say that you’re going on vacation. You have planned for this special trip for the better part of a year. Since we’re fantasizing here, let’s say you’re going […]
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The Value Of Vision And The Fruitless Past

Today’s message is short and to the point. Whatever memories you have – no matter how beautiful, no matter how depressing and everything in between – are now in the past. It is, in total reality, finite. Nothing more can become of those memories. Vision however is infinite. It is the future. Vision is greater […]
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Consequently Caring

Could I share what my belief is in becoming a leading producer?Caring! I’m sure most everyone has seen the movie “Jerry Maguire” at one time or another. Love it or hate (full disclosure - I loved it) there was a great message that resonated throughout the movie: caring. Too many of us get pounded on […]
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A Different Perspective

There was a guy who kept hearing the same whining and moaning about the same problems and issues over and over again. Day in, day out, always the same story. One day he decided to tell a joke to the complainers, and they were on the floor with laughter.He decided to tell the joke again […]
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Adhering To His Word

I’m not sure why God put this personal story in my heart to share with you all today, but I vowed many years ago to listen to His direction (I discovered what happens when you don’t!).Maybe this story is meant for just one person and if that is all, that’s okay. Maybe there is more […]
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