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Throughout our journey in life, each of us want to know that tomorrow will be better than today. The challenge is knowing how to get there and what steps are necessary to achieve the objective. Foundational planning strategies and achievement is the basis for a life of fulfillment, solid relationships, monetary success and peace of mind.
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Consequently Caring
Goals that remain elusive, hopes that are never fulfilled, wishes that seldom come to fruition and dreams that are rarely realized have the genuine opportunity to be accomplished with the proper foundational principles. These concepts, exercises and approaches can be found through the tutelage established by 


For those committed to excellence - in every facet of their life - GANE THE EGDE will guide you on your journey with deep understanding and encouragement. Throughout Guy’s book “Unchained and Unbroken; Life Lessons and Strength Training from a Jailhouse Gymrat” and his upcoming “Chrysalis; Awakening to God’s Path, Protection, and Power” the evidence of God’s Divine presence is not only evident but bold as well. – both written to encourage you that through God all things are possible!
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Training and Mentorship Offered Through GANE THE EDGE

GANE THE EDGE will show you how to break through the self-imposed barriers and limitations that you’ve allowed into your belief system
GANE THE EDGE will help you to define your life-goals and assist you in redefining what your career and financial objectives are.
GANE THE EGDE will guide you on your journey with deep understanding and encouragement

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